Sunday, 10 October 2010

Something to smile about... :)

Hey there bloggers!! :)

Well, I’m back at last but not with a card- for the moment anyway :) – as I’ve been given a lovely Award by the also lovely Rachel!! :) Thank you so much, honey- it really did make me smile when I saw that you’d chosen me and I really appreciate it- though I know it’s taken me a long time to do anything about it!! :S

In theory, you’re meant to give this award to another 15 people but, as I have barely anymore followers than that at the mo’ and would really just like to say thank you to everyone that has been kind enough to leave me such lovely comments recently, I’m just going to say that, follower or not, if you’ve taken the time to leave me a comment in the past and you’d like this award then please take it as every comment has helped make blogging one of the most positive, enjoyable and rewarding things I’ve been able to do for a long time :) :) So: thank you all :)

Thanks again to Rachel- if you’ve not already, do pay her blog Critchley Creations a visit as it’s full of beautiful cards and wonderful inspiration!! :)

Thanks for reading this and I hope I’ll be back again a little later with a card I’ve been wanting to post for ages...though I should really be getting on with making another one for my Gran’s 80th next week!! :)


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