Thursday, 9 December 2010

A Gift...

Hi!! :)

I’ve got another quick little post today, as I’m still not feeling good, but just to keep things going... :) These earrings were the pressie I made for the same friend as the purple flower card in my last but one post...

I love making earrings- for myself, as they’re great fun, and as gifts, as you have no worries about getting them the right size, ect. as sometimes with bracelets/necklaces :)

For these I used some absolutely gorgeous butterfly charms- of which I have bought several sets, one each time I order from somewhere that stocks them, as I just love them!! :D- chain and some of my fav Czech Fire Polish Glass beads from a purple selection :) Beads- and particularly purple ones, for some reason! :S – are really quite hard to photograph with their true colours and they have more life and are far prettier in real life, especially as they have an Aurora Borealis coating which doesn’t show up well either!!

A close-up of the charms :)

And another... just ‘cause I was having fun playing with the Super-Macro mode on my camera again!!lol

I hope you like looking at my little jewellery projects and don’t mind the occasional deviation from papercraft too much!! :)

Hope you’re all well and warm and that the snow’s melting away to some degree wherever you are- ours is going slowly, just the horrid and dangerous thin layer that keeps refreezing every night left now :S I’m really hoping the weather forecasters are right about it getting warmer for the weekend in time for my birthday- it’ll be a lot nicer a day if I’m not aching from the cold the whole time!!lol Trying not to get my hopes up too much, though, considering they had the temperature here for last night at midnight as -3oC and it was actually -8oC!! :{ Still, crafty pressies (and money to spend on more crafty goodies!!) will make up for the weather quite well, anyway, I suspect!! :D I have quite a wishlist!! ;D



Rachael said...

Hi Rachel
Thanks for the lovely comments yesterday :)
I love these earrings and I totally agree that the charms are gorgeous.
I hope it does get warmer for you and you can enjoy a very happy birthday!
Rachael xx

LittleNorthStar said...

They're gorgeous Rachel. I love the butterflies :) xx


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