Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Mystery of the Seed Bead Stringer...

Hi!! :) (I feel justified in saying that now that I have a few more followers- seemed a bit silly when there was probably no-one reading my blog in the beginning!! :) :) )

Just a short post from me for now as I'm feeling pretty rubbish this evening but I wanted to put a pic of the aforementioned Seed Bead Stringing gizmo on here so people would have a clue what I was talking about!! I had never seen or even heard of one before I spotted and ordered mine a month or so ago, either, but I'm glad I found it as I've always been put off stringing even larger beads, let alone tiny seed beads, in any number because of how awkward I find it :)

Anyway, the pic...

Basically, you put your beads in the bowl and use the handle/pole in the centre to spin the bowl around (the base the bowl rests on is seperate and has it's own pole, which the bowl's hollow handle/pole sits over the top of to let it spin, if that makes any sense...). You have a long needle with a curved end (in front of the spinner in the pic) which you dip into the spinning bowl so the beads find their own way onto the needle and then you just push them up the needle and onto the thread as normal- except it's far quicker, far less fiddly and, in my case far less pain-inducing!! It's also quite good fun just to spin the thing and slightly reminiscent of those spinning-top toys I remember playing with when I was little!!

Not sure if I've explained that well at all- I really am very tired atm :S If it doesn't make sense, I'll take another pic with the parts separated or with me using it when I have more energy!!

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a card I made yesterday :) for now, I'm off to bed, sweet dreams,


Rachel said...

Oooooh i get it now! That looks pretty cool...i might have to get one of those sometime :)
I posted on ayme about your blog, hope you don't mind :D
Hope your a bit better this morning
Hugs, Rachel xx

Rachel said...

lol- I'm so glad it made some kind of sense!! And no, ofc I don't mind about Ayme - is lovely to see some familiar faces popping up on here :) Shall msg soon, hon!!
hugs, R xx

Anonymous said...

Hiya hun your card and bracelet are fab, not looked at rest yet lol, the spinning tool i seen on tv but thought it didnt really do it any fast than doing it by hand I felt, but did buy a beading loom which i cant get the hang of yet lol.


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