Friday, 28 May 2010

Bracelet for a 21st and my new toy...

Well, I'm really getting into this blogging lark now, even have a couple of followers -WOW!- including the very talented Rachel whose blog is what inspired me to start mine! :) - and a lovely comment on my last post!! Thank you- makes it feel a bit more real to know somebody actually read my ramblings!! ;)

But on to the real reason for my post... the twist bracelet for my friend's 21st, currently winging it's way to her with the Cupcake Easel Card, I hope! Does anyone else get nervous when sending their hard work through the postal system?! :S

I got a new toy, a Seed Bead Stringer, a few weeks ago and this is my first attempt at using it. Apart from a minor disaster when my knots started coming undone- I seem always to have problems with knots, give me Tigertail and crimp beads any day!!- I was pretty pleased with how the process went and I think it'l definitely make stringing quicker- and less painful for my arms and shoulders, which is definitely good! I really like the end result, too, so I can see more of these being made in the future!! :)

And this is me experimenting with my new camera again!! I just love the Super-Macro mode- the lens was practically in the bowl with the beads!! :) I love this mix of white and clear AB-coated seed beads- I think I might make something similar for myself with the beads I have left!! :)

Thanks for looking, I hope you like it and are having a good week!! Fingers crossed the sun will stay for the weekend for my friend's party!! :) 


Rachel said...

Hey lovely :D Aww thanks for the mention. Your bracelet's stunning...your frined'll love it!!! I have no idea what that seed beed stringer thingy is, but its a gorgeous photo anyways :)
I hope your parcels is there/gets to you soon, i'm getting worried now.
Hugs, Rachel xxx

LittleNorthStar said...

Love the bracelet. As the above comment says I to have no idea what the seed bead stringer is but it sound interesting :)
Suzanne xx

Donna said...

lovely bracelet. Welcome to blogland! I discovered it a couple of months back and decided to make my own. It's SOOOOO addictive! Feel free to check out my blog x


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