Friday, 25 February 2011

A New Idea... I think!?! ;D

Hello again!! :)

Wow, this CAS craze has really fired my imagination- and a huge thank you to the Less Is More ladies for that!! :) - and I can hardly believe I‘m actually about to enter a weekly challenge for the third week in a row but here is my entry for the Spring theme!! :D :D This time I have something slightly different to show you... I’m sure that somewhere out there somebody (or several dozen somebodies!) have already done this, but I hadn’t seen it done before and so I’m calling it a new idea for now!!lol 

A while ago I saw the ‘Out Of The Box’ nestie technique- which I was fascinated by and looked all over for an explanation of only to finally find one the day after I figured it out for myself!!- and this is  basically just the inverse of that, so it’s probably nothing that exciting... except to me, as it was really what I wanted to do for my One Layer entry last week but couldn’t for the life of me think of a way!! ;D Then I had a lightbulb moment- while I was resting and supposed to be calm, always the way!!- a couple of days ago while my mind was wandering through some of the ideas inspired by my travels through blogland- not thinking about this at all but one thing led to another, as they say, and I suddenly realised what I had in mind was  actually incredibly easy after all!! :) Anyway, I’ll stop wittering on about my rare moment of inspiration and show you my card!! ;)

So, was that a total anti-climax after all my build up!?! ;D It’s actually really simple to do but I love the way it looks :) I started by drawing round my nestie shape on the card front and then transferring an old sketch of a tulip I drew years ago onto the card, too, overlapping at the top and bottom (I've been wanting to use some of my own artwork in my cards for a while and this came to mind as nothing says spring to me more than tulips- I have some this colour in a vase in front of me as I type!! :) ). I drew over the tulip in Fineliner and then- this is the lightbulb bit!!- cut around the tulip to just past the line of the nestie with a craft knife. Then I slotted the die through the cuts (behind the tulip) and ran it through my bug... simple as that!! ;) After that I rubbed out all my pencil lines, coloured it with my Prismas and Zest-It and added a piece of paper (a beautiful design form the from the Forever Friends Pink Parfait pad) behind the aperture (as it doesn’t have to be just one layer this week I thought I might as well!!) and it was finished!! Or so I thought ‘cause then, when I was about to take the pics, I decided to add some Stickles around the aperture... not entirely sure if this was a good idea but sometimes it’s very hard to resist the call of glitter!! :)

 It’s not perfect and there are definitely areas I will attempt to improve upon another time, like th eneatness of the cut lines- the details are key with CAS after all as there’s nowhere to hide!! ;S – but overall, I’m just happy that my idea worked!!lol

I’ve been inspired by so many different blogs this last couple of weeks and this is a combination of ideas but I should especially say thanks to my lovely friend Elaine, who inadvertently set the train of thought that ended up in this card in motion this week (thank you honey!! :) ), and to Sarita, who’s amazing original sketches have got me feeling so inspired and excited to be more creative with my own designs again!! :)

Thanks to anyone who pops by and especially those who leave a comment- it’s wonderful to share what we’re all doing and I appreciate any comments!! :)

I hope you’ve all had a good week and wish you a lovely weekend!! :) I’m off to link up and then to have a look at a few of the other entries... that’s if I don’t get distracted by anymore of the sneak peeks of the next LOTV release- I have to have that adorable little elephant!!! :D


Suze Bain said...

Wow, that's really clever (and I like the stickles!).

Caroline Hallett said...

thats a really clever idea - thanks for sharing - and also I am with Suze (cant go wrong with a bit of glitter)

sharingthepassion said...

Lovely card..although I'm sure i have seen this idea over on Splitcoast Stampers somewhere. Thanks for sharing though and yup love the glitter too :D

Ali x

Rachael said...

Very clever Rachel I may have to try that one! I love the stickles and wish I could draw like that! On placement last year a child asked me to draw him a dog well when he saw my attempt he said 'its alright Miss' and walked away! He was obv not impressed!!
I also need all the new LOTV stamps but theres no way my new budget will stretch :'( so will defo have to choose a select few I think!
Rach :) xx

Lynne said...

Wow! You are one very clever girl. To draw your own image is one thing and to cut around it neatly is another but to jiggle a spellbinders die to make a cut out and not cut through your image is, in my opinion a special talent lol.
Takes me all my time to cut a straight line.
Lynne xxx

Zoë said...

Rachel I think you've done a great job, no need for tweaking,but then tulips are my favourite spring flower and so it's always going to be a winner with me. Zoë x

Faith A said...

Great card and thank for the tut

Vicky Hayes said...

I'm with Lynne on the straight line front so I'm lost in admiration too! A great idea!

Chrissie said...

This is really well worked out Rachel, very clever process! Great drawing too!
DO join us again next week!
"Less is More"

Mandi said...

How effective, Rachael,
Super card
thank you for joining us
"Less is More"

Pauline said...

This is great! Lovely hand drawn image, you are very talented.

LittleNorthStar said...

Havent been on here for ages so just been looking through your cards. they're all gorgeous Rachel. :)
suzanne xx

Sarah said...

Love your card, such a clever idea, really effective, hugs, Sarah x

Rosietoes said...

lovely twist on the out of the die technique Rachel. Love your card.

Edna x

Jen said...

Think i'm going to have to give this technique a try... done the out of the box many times, but this is so different.... I'm now even more inspired Jx


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