Thursday, 29 July 2010

Something different...

Hey!! :)

I'm back again- so soon!!- with a slightly different post to the usual as I've been having a play with my beading stash for a change...

I've had another pretty rubbish few days as I've been feeling very down and also not great M.E.-wise either. At times like this, it's usually crafting that comes to my rescue, giving me something to do to take my mind off things and a sense of having achieved something good and maybe even useful when I've finished. So on Tuesday I tried making a card... but, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, it all went so horribly wrong from start to finish that I ended up feeling even worse than I had before :{ So yesterday evening, having shied away from the thought of trying again with the card all day (and being really fed up with myself for/about it!!), I decided to try something different and I thought I'd share the results with you :)

I got myself the antique gold findings at the end of last year as I really like the look but haven't got around to doing anything with them until now as I've not really had much time for jewellery making this year in amongst all the cards!! I also got several mix bags of beads including a Czech Glass mix in natural golden and brown tones which all the beads came from with the exception of the large discs which I bought individually :)

I had root through my beads one night last week when I made an order for some new bits and bobs (which I'm hoping to make some Xmas pressies with and I'm trying to be more organised a bit earlier this year!! ;) ) and picked out the combination of beads I wanted to use- though, of course, I changed my mind somewhat when it came to actually putting them together!! lol

Making jewelley is a great way for me to still be creative but take a break from cards sometimes- especially when I've got myself in a mess with something or am suffering form cardmaker's block!! And making these definitely let me go to bed last night feeling a little better about things!! :)

Another nice thing about this litle project is that it's just for me!! :) Don't get me wrong, I love that my cards are for other people and the feeling I get when I know that they've got pleasure from my work is wonderful but, just sometimes, it's nice to get to keep my hardwork and enjoy it myself!! ;) :) I guess that's why so many people love scrapbooking so much but, no matter how many times I say I'll try that, I never seem to!! ;)

Well, I've blethered (as my wonderful Gran would say!! :) ) on long enough- thank you for looking at my latest efforts!! :) Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon and I'll find myself able to get a card right again...but we'll see, I guess!! :S

ETA(which I'm assuming means 'edited to add'- pls correct me if not tho!!) (before posting): I wrote this a few hours ago but when I went to take the photos I remembered that my camera battery died last night and, while it was charging, I'm very pleased to report that I've gone back to the card that was going so wrong the other day and, by redoing some bits and modifying others, have manged to finish it and am actually pretty pleased with the result!! :D Hopefully this might mean that my crafty mojo's back- for a while at least as it seems to be a very transient thing at the mo'!! Not so sure about my life mojo but the crafty version's a good start!! ;) Wiil take pics of the card when the stickles is dry and hopefully post soon as it was inspired by a few challenges so I'd like to be in time to enter them!!

Bye for now,



Elaine Stark said...

Wow this is stunning. I dabble in jewellery making but my efforts are not too good. This is so well made. Thanks for sharing this with us. Elaine

coops said...

wow these are stunning rachel and i love the colour of the golden beads.

xx coops xx


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