Sunday, 25 January 2015

Brrrr... it's cold!! I can help with that...

Hello!! :)

Long time no post again- same old reasons, I'm afraid... my health and life in general have had other plans for me than blogging no matter how much I'd have liked to post!! ;) Anyway, I have still been crafting in my absence, though I have had less time well enough to be at my desk so have been doing a lot of crocheting in bed to keep myself out of mischief... and that's what I thought I'd share with you today...

This piece of soft, snuggly, yarny gorgeousness is the Christmas present I made for Jen this year... a cowl to keep her nice and warm through this horrible winter :)

I taught Jen to crochet earlier this year so it has become yet another shared crafty love to add to the list and when I saw this yarn just after she sent me a Pin of a gorgeous cowl she'd found on Pinterest, I knew I had her Christmas present sorted!! :) The yarn is Stylecraft Weekender in Duck Egg, which I bought from Wool Warehouse, and I used the pattern on the Pin Jen found as a starting point to get the length of my chain right, then just winged the rest of it having been soaking in simple cowl pattern ideas from all around the web for weeks, doing 'half-trebles in the back loop only' to get the ribbed effect til it looked the right size ;) Aside from being super soft and beautifully coloured, this yarn is also Super Chunky so it didn't take too long to work up with my lovely new 10mm hook- these Knit Pro Waves hooks are so comfy and let my hands crochet for longer before the pain forces me to stop (thank you so much to Mel for sending me my first one!!)... I have almost every size now and I love them!! :)

As a little finishing touch, I added a hand stamped tag using one of mine and Jen's favourite metal stamps (another new craft we both became obsessed with last year... I shall share some of my pieces soon-ish, I hope!! ;D) as this was something we had been chatting about :)

I also got my mum to take a quick pic of the cowl on before I wrapped it up as you really can't tell what it looks like folded on my desk!! lol

Well, I hope you liked seeing something different on my blog today... I hope I will be back with more before too long but I really can't say when as I am having a bit of a hard time with headaches and eyestrain/pain at the moment, which is making editing pics and writing posts on the computer tricky :/ I have enjoyed writing this one though, so fingers crossed I can find a way!! :)

Thanks for reading and I hope you are all well and enjoying 2015 so far!! :)

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Sandra H said...

Wow that looks so warm l could do with one myself it's so cold here x


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