Friday, 13 May 2011


Hello Bloggers!! :)
Woohoo- as Blogger's decided to start working again I'm going to get my LIM post pasted in while the goign's good!! Only been waiting all afternoon- was really quite upset at the thought of missing a week!! :S lol

A very quick post (assuming Blogger decides to start working again in time... I’m typing this in Word to copy and paste with my fingers crossed!! :S ) with my card for this week’s LIM challenge- week 14 already and I’m still loving it!! :) We’ve been asked to make a true White on White card with no colour at all this week- my effort is not a particularly good one as I’ve been feeling pretty awful this week but I’ve wanted to try WOW for ages and of course didn’t want to miss a week of LIM so made this in bed over a couple of days, mainly with stuff I had knocking around on my desk to save energy... and some help with anything that needed any bit of strength!! :S lol

     The list is probably all the explaining necessary... I used:         
  • White DL card
  • White card for layers
  • MS large butterfly punch
  • Butterfly cut on Cricut
  • X-cut Scalloped Border Punch
  • Nellie’s Die for main square
  • Stickles in Crystal and Frosted Lace
  • Cherry Blossom Border- my own design SVG file cut on the Cricut

Think I may have gone a tad overboard with the Stickles!!lol Not sure I’m really happy with it but I don’t think that’s because I don’t like this card so much as because I didn’t get to make the more interesting one I had in mind before I caught the cold that floored me for the week (wasn’t really a bad cold but any bug on top of the M.E. is pretty bad as it makes all the M.E. symptoms worse for far longer than the cold lasts)!! :S But maybe I’ll have some spare energy sometime this year to have a go at that one, too!!lol Hope the Crystal Stickles isn’t too much colour, too- has come out a bit strong as I was so heavy-handed with it!! To be honest I had to fight the instinct to add some ink to the edges the whole time... just as well I couldn’t get to my desk and my Cut’n’Dry!!lol

I’ve missed blogland so much this week while I’ve not been up to getting online and really hope I can catch up with your creations soon before the withdrawal symptoms get too much!!lol Don’t think I’ll be managing many comments for a while, though- my arms are killing me just from typing this in stages!! :S Anyway, I hope you’ve all had a better week than I have and enjoy your weekends!! :)

Edit: Wow- just had a qick look at the LIM linky while scroling through to add mine... really hope I'll have the energy to check a few of those cards out more closely soon- they look amazing!! :)



Chrissie said...

Rachel this is fabulous!
I hope your cold will soon abate, cant be much fun!
Stickles seem to look different colours in different light and on different card... albeit white!
I love a bit of twinkle myself.
I'm glad you're still enjoying our challenges... check out tomorrow for our new one... always assuming we can get it posted!
Thanks so much once again.
Lady LIM
"Less is More"

Vicky said...

Stunning Rachel...and fingers crossed Mr Blogger will play nice!

hugs Vicky xx

Erica said...

I like the size of your card and the design you created works perfectly for it.
I completely know what you're sayin' about blogger. I'd worked hard on my card and would have been quite a mess had I not been able to post. Whew...don't they know how much stampers depend on our on-line diareies?? :D.

Lynne said...

Gorgeous card.
Lynne xxx

Carol said...

Gorgeous card, love the sparkle. Carol x

Carole of Brum said...

Hiya Rachel, sorry that a cold has sent you back to bed, I do know how a simple infection can floor someone with M.E., nothing simple about any infection when your body is already struggling. Hope the cold goes soon and that you get your strength back soon afterwards. Lucky that you've got someone to help with the tasks that need a bit more strength....I never thought of delegating before! Well, all the great artists had assistants in their studios, so you are in good company, lol. Your W.O.W. card is fantastic, quite a challenge but you've met it with style. I've been away from blogging myself for a couple of weeks, so I'm just catching up now. take care and keep smiling. CoB


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