Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Ooh, awards!!! :)

Hello!! :)

Well, I've been given an award!! :) And not once, but twice- by Jenny and then Rachel- thank you lovely girlies!! :) This was actually a while ago now but I've not had a minute to think this last week so I hope they'll forgive me being so slow!!

Now, apparently there are some rules to follow with this so here goes:

- Thank and link the person who gave you the award - done that!! :)
- Display the award on your blog - ditto!! :)
- Tell 6 lies and one truth about yourself or vice versa - hmmm, well I'm absolutely rubbish at this sort of thing but I'll have a go...

1 I have all the space I could ever need for my crafting, everything has it's own place and always gets put away so I never have even the slightest difficulty finding all the items I need when I need them!

2 I'm a red-head and proud of it!

3 I can't stand chocolate- absolutely hate it!

4 I feel the same about Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-cream!!

5 I was a Lotto Jackpot winner a few years ago but I blew the lot on craft stash within a month!

6 I never sleep- barely even stop to sit down most days!

7 My wardrobe is nearly empty- I have no interest whatsoever in buying pretty new clothes!

Probably not that hard to guess but then I did say I was useless at this stuff!! ;)

and finally - Nominate 7 others for the award and let them know:

Rachel- for inspiring me and giving me the confidence to start my own blog, despite my worries that my M.E. would make it difficult to do it properly, for making beautiful cards and generally being lovely :) (I don't know if it's usual to give the award back to the person who gave it to you but I had been planning to give this to Rachel before she gave it to me andwell, basically, I just still want to, so I am!! :) )

Coops- for her prolific and wonderfully varied cardmaking and for always taking the time to visit and leave such lovely, kind comments :)

Donna- for becoming one of my first followers and making me feel very welcome in blogland :)

Lucy- Lucy's not a papercrafter (we made contact through Ayme) but she's definitely a master of her own particular craft, which is Cupcaking - so - for making cupcakes into something so gorgeous you almost wouldn't want to eat them and starting a blog to share her works of art with the world :)

Suzanne- like Lucy, I met Suz through Ayme, she's just started a blog herself and definitely deserves an award for being a great friend as well as making lovely cards and jewellery, too!! :)

Elaine- whose blog I only found a week or so ago but who has already introduced me to a fab new fold idea :)

Denise- whose blog I also only just came across, for her fab men's card ideas in the run up to Father's Day, new challenges to try and her v helpful suggestions about Promarkers and the Passion for Promarkers website :)

Well, that's my first blog award then- I hope I've done it all right!! Thanks again Rachel and Jenny :)  Right, I'm off to leave some comments now!!



The Crafty Den said...

Wow Rachel, that is so sweet of you. I will add it to my blog very soon I promise. Glad I could be of help to you. Hugs, Denise x

coops said...

aw wow, thanks so much rachel.so kind of you.i will post it in my sidebar asap.am guressing your truth is you are a redhead.luv coops.xx

Heaven is a Cupcake said...

Ah thank you Rachel that's really lovely of you :)

Elaine Stark said...

Thanks Rachel.I appreciate it. Elaine

LittleNorthStar said...

Aw thanks Rachel. Your a great friend and a fantastic card maker <3 xx


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